Hair Jewelry, Accessories & Related Info

Hair Jewelry, Accessories & Related Info

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Hair Stencils

If you want a truly unusual hair look consider playing with your own custom designed hair stencils to get dramatic to edgy looks.  Karen tells you how in her latest article.

Hair Snoods: Beautiful Hair Adornments From The Middle Ages

For this update of a previous article.  A special thanks to Sara.

Gorgeous Rhinestone Hair Clips's ace short hair reporter returns with a review of some gorgeous new hair jewelry.

Halloween Hair

If you don't know how to wear your hair for Halloween, check out Jane Bullock's helpful hints for some great homemade costumes & matching horror hairstyles. And don't forget to check out the Halloween Hair jewelry in the Marketplace.

Stars In Your Hair

Jane Bullock tests the Hair Boutique's jeweled floating magnetic stars.  She includes some photos that show how the stars can be worn for high fashion looks.

Would You Wear A Bra Strap On Your Head?

The bra strap or lingerie strap or adjustable it what you hot, hot, hot.  Besides being the latest hair accessory they really do a great "hair friendly" job. Read all about it.

Trio Of Butterflies

Read Jane Bullock's article about the Trio of Butterflies hair jewelry which was recently introduced at the Hair Boutique Marketplace.

Hair Boutique's Silver Beetles - Jane Bullock Review

Jane Bullock explains why bugs are hot and how you can wear them in your hair.  Check out Jane's latest review on the Silver Beetle Hairpins.

Hair Perfume? Yes, There Are Now Hair Perfumes

Read the July AskKaren to find out about why hair scents have popped up on the hair care scene and where to find them.

Precious Stones, Crystals & Gems For Heart & Hair

"To honor Valentine's Day & the Hair Boutique's New Year's Resolution to provide new hair related topics, Karen has written a brand new article that examines the fascinating & interesting lore of precious stones, crystals & gems." More...

Bridal Hairstyles & Headpieces Past & Present

"I have to admit that I first started out to write a new article about bridal hairstyles and the appropriate headpiece to guarantee major head turning at your wedding.

Along the way I discovered an interesting fact. The more bridal hairstyles and headpieces change, the more they stay the same. I couldn't pass up the opportunity to dig into the history of the way brides have evolved in their selection of bridal hairdos and headpieces. During my journey for this article Karen discovered some fascinating information." More...

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