Long Hair & Long Hairstyle Articles

Long Hair & Long Hairstyle Articles

Revised: 02/04/12

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Long Prom Hair Style Trends For 2010-2011 - Should you wear your hair up or down?  Follow your heart but consider the Gown you select for your ultimate decision.  Read here for some additional hints.

  Long Hair: 101+ Tips - The very best tip for long hair is to develop your own customized tips.  In the meantime, check out these 101+ tips for caring to long hair.

Are You Starving Your Hair? Tips For Balanced Tresses - Did you know that you need to eat fat to have beautiful and balanced tresses?  Read this article to get the true scoop.

Hair Growing Tips - Read this Web best selling article about growing long and luscious hair.  Many have copied this article but this is the original written in 2000 by Karen Marie Shelton - HairBoutique.com founder and consumer hair expert.  Recently updated.

Emotional Trauma & Your Hair - How does emotional trauma put your long hair at risk?  Completely updated.

Four Major Hair Killers - Read about the hair killers.

Hair Vitamins & Hairstyling Tips: 8 Hair Growth Secrets

Growing Long Hair Fast Truths - The real truth about growing long hair fast.

Hair & Hairstyling Tips: Pam Anderson Long Blonde Hair Icon - Pamela Anderson has made her mark with her long blonde strands.

Hairtopia Hair Vitamins: Feedback & Testimonials - Completely updated with new info.

How To Achieve Stick Straight Strands - Whether your hair is long or short - if you want to get stick straight strands this article is for you.

Growing Long Hair Fast Truths - No matter what the ads say on the Web - if it sounds too good to be true - it is.

Patrick Cameron News - Long Hair Expert

No Long Hair Or Cornrows Allowed At Six Flags

Katharine McPhee. Long & lush American Idol tresses.  Steal her style & get details on her lovely long hair look.

Long Hair In Fairytale Named After Ramps
Legend has it that Rapunzel, that fabled damsel with exceedingly long hair, was named by her witch captor for the ramps—also known as wild leeks—that the girl's father stole from the witch's garden. Farmer Michael Kokas understands the spellbinding quality of this unassuming wild plant.

Joss Stone - Long Haired Soul Singer with gorgeous blonde waves and curls.

Joss Stone - Celebrity Prom Long HairStyle.

Long Hair Celebrity - Kim Richards Revisited

Beautiful Long Hair Blonde

Gentle & Seductive spiral curls for long hair.  Step by step instructions to take to your stylist from Goldwell.

Emotional Trauma can be dangerous for your strands.  Read why & learn how to handle a chop intervention.

Wella - Trend Vision

Check out the fabulous new photos from Wella's City Bird of Paradise Collection created by six of Wella's most influential hair stylist from around the world including Creative Directors Sonya & Christopher Dove.

25 Ways To Jazz Up Your Ponytail

OK, maybe the add-on licorice strands and Peacock feathers are over the edge, but check out some of the practical ways to instantly dress up your look and yes...you can wear a ponytail for your wedding.

Banish Hair Boredom Blues

No, you don't have to chop to change, read this tip filled article.

George Michaels 45th Anniversary

HairBoutique.com wishes to congratulate George Michaels - the king of long hair care - for his 45th anniversary today of creating his philosophy of long hair care.  A special nod to Bill Mahavier of Dallas, Texas who is a special crusader for the continuation of George Michael's long hair philosophy with his long hair salon.  Visit Bill (469-233-3504) at his long hair George Michael friendly salon in Texas.  Tell him Karen sent you. 

Blonde Legal Beauty Portia de Rossi

Although Ally McBeal is saying farewell in May, Portia's long blonde tresses will never be forgotten.  Read how to re-create her twisted faux dread style.

Michelle Trachtenberg - Long Hair BeautyMichelle Trachtenberg - Buffy's Little Sister Dawn

She has stunning long locks.  Read about how to steal Dawn's look.

Beautiful Updo

Barbara Lhotan designed an updo that is fabulous for Weddings or any fancy evening event.  Take this look to your stylist for a spectacular new style.

Grow Your Hair Long & Strong

Karen shares some tips on growing gorgeous long locks.

MSM - For Your Hair, Skin & Nails

Studies have shown that MSM helps produce healthy, strong and of course longer hair and nails.  Read more about this nutrient so important to the human body. 

Long Hair Looks Straight From The Fashion 2000 Runways 4/20/00

Karen gives the latest scoop on long hair at the Fashion 2000 Runways.

Do You Have Long Thick Curly Hair 1/21/00?

Whether you have long, thick naturally tight curls, relaxed curls or waves, this article has some photos of different ways to wear your hair.

Long Hair News: Cutting It All Off For Your Job?

Whether you love long hair or hate it, this article will definitely get you to think about it. Don't forget to read more about this in JerkyFleas's latest column. 

Hair Styling Snippets - Fishtail Braids & Ponytails - How To

This elegant style looks great on medium to long hair & is perfect for a special event like New Years Eve.  Brought to by The Hair Boutique, "the most copied hair site on the Web".

The Longest Hair In America

This is a hot new magazine from Randy Barber of Ran Man Products.  Read all about it and get a peek at some of the 56 long haired photos that were included in the first issue of this magazine. This mag is very tastefully done - no nudity or adult content.

Long Hair Styles You Can Dress Up Instantly

Karen loves to try new hairstyles on her long hair.  Check out her latest "dress up your long hair" article hot off the presses. Just in time for your Holiday Prom and parties.

A Hot Updo Inspired by Jennifer Aniston

If you are looking for a hot way to wear your medium to long hair for a special Christmas party, check out this updo with step-by-step instructions.

Stunning Long Hair Styles For 1999

Great long hair styles direct from the fashion runways of Italy and France.  In this first article Karen talks about multi-sections and multi-parts with beautiful ties.

Easy But Elegant Long Hair Styles (8/29/99)

Karen will be the first to tell you that she is always searching for new long hair styles that are quick & easy but beautiful and elegant.

Meet Cat Taylor

Hair Boutique's friend Bruce Folck sent us some gorgeous long haired photos of the very talented Cat.  Check out her photos and read about her spectacular fiddling.  We have included her latest performance schedule.

Long Haired Beauty Profile: Portia De Rossi (7/11/99)

She was voted in the top 100 "best hairstyles" by Seventeen Magazine and her platinum long locks would make even Rapunzel green with envy.  Karen examines why Portia is a wonderful role model with professional women that want to keep their long hair but look great in the business world.

Hair: A Pollen Magnet (7/11/99)

This article may surprise you.  Did you know that your hair acts as a pollen magnet?  The longer your hair, the more pollen you may collect. Read Karen's article to discover some helpful hints for allergy sufferers.

More Hair Recipes: Grow Long Hair With Black Sesame Seeds (7/6/99)

Karen has been researching Chinese herbal hair growing secrets.  Here she shares info she found in a great new book on Chinese hair & beauty secrets.

Hair Growing Tips (7/3/99)

Karen addresses the issue of how to make your hair grow faster and shares some information on what vitamins and supplements your body needs to maximize your natural hair growing cycle.

Spiral Curls For Medium & Long Looks (4/19/99)

Karen explains steps on how to create beautiful spiral curls for medium and long hair. Besides providing step by step instructions, Karen provides details on Olivia Garden spiral curler kits that will make your Wedding curls come true.

Long Hair For Women Over 40 - (Originally published in 1998)

Many people still believe that older women should have short hair. However, Jane Seymour, Cher and Jaqueline Bisset have proven that women over 40 can look stunning with long locks. Karen examines the history of women with long hair over 40 and provides some answers.

Elegant Styles For Long Hair

This article was written exclusively for the International Long Hair Club and looks at some great styles for long hair.

Business Looks For Long Hair

This article was written exclusively for the International Long Hair Club.  Karen provides some great ideas on how to keep your long hair but look professional too.

Special Tips For Long Hair Care At The Gym

Karen provides some great ideas of how to deal with long hair when you work out at the club. 

Meet The Hair Boutique's Long Hair Stylist - Shelley Pryor (6/17/99)

Karen and Jeff both have long hair.  They have been going to Shelley for years for her long hair expertise.   Read this great review about The Hair Boutique's Dallas Hairstylist.

Karen's Personal Top Ten Long Hair Care Tips For 1999

Karen has long hair that she has been growing for many years.  In this article she shares the hair care tips that she lives by on a daily basis.

Karen Shelton Bumps Into Jane Seymour (10/98)

Karen shares her unexpected experience of bumping into Jane Seymour in Dallas.

One Bottle, Two Bottle, Three Bottle, Four

Tamara of Calgary, Canada has waist length hair and she examines the cost of keeping her aureole of long hair shiny while longer.  She shares some cost cutting tricks.

Tamara's Story

Tamara from Canada had long hair in grades 1 to 5 but then she reports that "her mother had it cut off". She doesn't know why because Tamara took care of it herself but her mother insisted. It seems strange to Tamara now but even though she has always liked long hair it wasn't until she was 31 that she decided to seriously grow her hair long."

Hair Hazards Of Well Water
by Cher

"For most of my life I had gone through it with no hair horror stories. Mainly because I had never done anything major to my hair like colorings or far out haircuts. When I was pregnant with my first son 20 years ago, I cut my waist length hair off to top of shoulder length. It was a rounded style with feathered bangs. About 18 mos. later I let it grow out again. I usually let my hair grow long to my waist or longer then after awhile would cut it to my bra strap then let it grow back again. I did this numerous times throughout my life. As a teenager I had thigh length hair. When I was married in 1977 it was waist length. So, I varied in my lengths of hair."

How To Minimize Post-Shampoo Detangling Of Long Hair
by Dave Decker

"My hair is straight, so I have no idea how well this technique will work for those with curly hair. It works very very well for me, so Karen has graciously requested that I share this idea with all of you through the Hair Boutique.

Lighter, Longer, Honey Colored & Softer For Spring 98
by Karen Shelton

Hair Snoods: Beautiful Hair Adornments From The Middle Ages (6/07/99)

Karen reviews the beauty and styles of various hair snoods.  She discovered that there are several places right on the Internet where you can look at a large collection of beautiful snoods.  She also discovered that they made headpieces for long hair.

Hair Boutique's Hair Link of the Week - 12/23/1998
by Karen M. Shelton

"It seems only fitting that the last Hair Link of the Week for 1998 is Dave Tichenor's The International Long Hair Club. This is because Dave has been a special friend to the Hair Boutique from the very beginning of time. Dave has offered us not only his ongoing support and sage advice, but he has helped Jeff and I in many ways."

Hair Boutique's Hair Link of the Week - 11/21/1998
by Karen M. Shelton

"Over the past several months I have written many Hair Link of The Week Reviews for the Hair Boutique. I must confess that the review of Victor’s Long Hair Men’s Site has been the most challenging for me to date.

Hair Boutique's Hair Link of the Week - 10/25/1998
by Karen M. Shelton

"I first met the lovely Hasani through the Long Hair Site when photos of her gorgeous knee-length hair were featured on Frank's site. I then got acquainted with her via the site's email list. I found Hasani to be a very interesting and delightful person with all types of wonderful life experiences to share.

Another View of Viviscal (3/23/99)

"Ms. H. Taylor, a Hair Talk regular, has consented to add her views of taking Viviscal.  This is a "must read" if you are considering taking this "miracle hair growing" supplement." More...

Viviscal - Regina Reports In On Her Use Of This Hair Growing Supplement

"Hair Talk regular, Regina Key, is doing a whole series for us on Viviscal.  She has been taking the product for awhile and tells us how fast her hair has grown and other facts about this "miracle" hair grower" More...

Long Hair Related Products

Cher Reviews Nature's Gate (4/20/99)

Cher is a Hair Talk favorite and a Hair Boutique former guest writer who loves the Nature Gate hair care line. She has written a superb review of several of the different NG varieties including the Original Herb and the Jojoba.  This is one of our best reviews that covers a wide range of combinations. Don't miss this one.

Karen Talks About Rene Furterer Hair Care Products

"Karen finally admits it.  She likes "to play" with her long hair. In this article she shares her experiences with Furterer's Okara hair care line".

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